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Specialized Computer Associates (SCA) provides a broad array of services, to support your computers and networked systems. Since 1984 has served to build, repair, design and integrate computers into business and their processes. Service rates are provided following an initial consultation. Optimized solutions are developed and aligned with company needs and expectations.  SCA's senior technicians are certified in Six Sigma and have 20+ years of process engineering and computer business solution determinations in diverse corporate and government environments. 

SCA supports wireless and hard wired infrastructures that are focused on easy information access both locally and remotely. 

Transparency of information yields increased productivity and enables access to information securely thereby adding to the flexibility of work processes.  Your documents become accessible via the internet to increases the power of information. 

Simplicity of use and a user friendly approach is key to computerized solutions and allows personnel to perform with ease.

Call Specialized Computer Associates for all of your computer related projects.  Allow SCA professionals to provide your team with valuable insight into the use and features within your systems and software applications, allow us to provide training to maximize the return on investment.  The longer you wait, the less value you can leverage to enhance your bottom line.  Call today....

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- Network Design

  1. -Six Sigma BlackBELT

  2. -LEAN Six Sigma

  3. -ISO 9001

  4. -Masters in Quality

- Optimization

- Repairs

- Administration

- Wireless

- Security

- Antivirus/malware

- Hardware/ 

  1. -Software Support


      Active Directory


- Infrastructure

  1. - Training

Support Environments:

  1. -Technical

  2. -Engineering Construction

  3. -Legal

  4. -General Services


  6. -sales

  7. -Insurance

Baltimore-washington metropolitan area

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